राजकीय इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज, अम्बेडकर नगर
Rajkiya Engineering College Ambedkar Nagar, up India




For the successful commencement of Academic the following decision are taken and will
follow throughout academic session.

1-Every class will have year wise branch co-ordinator (For the 1st year they will be from
APSH Deptt.)

2-Each co-ordinator appoint C.R. (Class Representative) of respective class

3-All Hod’s will define Final year project in-charge and seminar in-charge.

4-All Faculty members will give 4 or 5 Assignment and Quiz after completion of each unit
depend on the subject they taught either half unit or full unit.

5-All faculty member will provide Course delivery plan (unit wise: How much lecture and
tutorial they will take to complete the unit) till 5 August 2015 to respective HOD.

6-1st mid semester exam will cover approximately 2 to 2.5 Units (min 2 units)

7-2nd mid semester exam will cover all Units.

8-Aggrigate 70% Attendance is compulsory for attending 1st mid semester exam and 75%
Attendance is compulsory for 2nd mid semester exam.

9-Pre University Test (P.U.T) will be taken by First year Faculty member for all First year

10-All Hostel wardens make sure that all students present in their respective class room
during academic hours. In case of emergency students should be taken written permission for
staying in hostel.

11-Uniform should be compulsory for all 1st year to 3rd year’s students.

12-Every faculty provide the written permission when they are on leave along with lecture
and lab adjustment to respective Hod’s.

13-Appoint lab in-charge for all labs for smooth commencement of labs.

14-Sessional Making Rules:-

  • 10 Marks for Class Attendance of students
    5 +5=10 Marks for Assignment + Quiz
    15 Marks for 1st mid sem exam
    15 Marks for 2nd mid sem examTotal =50 Marks